Cultural management

I offer special services to you. Due to my studies I offer you an 'all-inclusive' package for your cultural event. Gladly I manage your cultural event and offer you a suitable supporting program for a festivity engaging the respective artists. At the same time, I care for all task at the scene, including GEMA charges, grand piano tuning, and light and sound installation.

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This series in the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Karlsruhe-Beiertheim has been originated by myself in 2000, and is dear to my heart. It offers the chance for me to musically 'let off steam', and make music with people who have the same fun as I do, and participate with the same fervor. Many visitors have become regulars because the building (former Stephanienbad constructed byFriedrich Weinbrenner) alone is a pleasure to visit.

The motto promises special evenings over and again, and that the series last year had its 5th anniversary with two concerts, shows that is has become a constant.


This year consisted of a very special program: "Una serenata italiana" with the saxophone ensemble Orfeo. We arranged an evening with Italian music only, with songs by Rossini, Verdi, Bellini and many beautiful ensemble pieces without singing. Participants were Michael Schnebele, soprano sax, Dietrich Hilkenbach, alto sax, Axel Weinstein, tenor sax, and  Brigitte Hilkenbach, baritone sax.


This year was the first one with two concerts (5th anniversary of the series). In April, Annemi Egri, piano, myself as singer, and Ursula Zelt, violine presented an enjoyable Mozart evening. In September, the Chilean tenor Salvatore Guzman, myself, the violinist Ursula Zelt, and Klaus Walz at the piano presented opera and operetta arias, partly scenic played.


Beginning with this year, the concerts holds the name "The magic of musical treasures (Zauber musikalischer Kostbarkeiten)" with an independent poster designed by Renate Koch. We presented duets for voice and bow with mezzo soprano Birgit Santehanser and myself as singers, the violinist Ursula Zelt, and Klaus Walz, piano.


This year a small ensemble consisting of members of the Südwestrundfunk orchestra accompanied me singing operetta hits. In "The magic of parlour music" participants were Klaus Walz, piano, Ursula Zelt, violine, Markus Tillier, Cello, and Fabio Croche, Oboe.


"The magic of voices" was the title of the 2002 cross-over program with gospels, spirituals, opera arias, musical hits, and songs. Participants were Vera Kimmig,  B. Free,  Pat Jackson, Klaus Walz and myself. This concert was live recorded.


This year a complete evening was dedicated to the composer Franz Lehár and his rather unknown songs and known arias. Participants were myself as soprano singer, and Klaus Walz at the piano.


The series startes in 2000 with the tenor Jago Ramos, Klaus Walz, piano, and myself as opera and operetta singer. Also participating was Adelheid Theil (known by the "Fallers") as conferencier.


In March of 2007, after two years of preparation, the new musical series "Moments of magical music (Momente zauberhafter Musik)" was launched at the Kammertheater Karlsruhe. In contrast to the series "The Magic of musical treasures)" at the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, the options of a fully-equiped theater stage allow to create a big space for the theatric aspect in the music. Since we are up to trail blazes, we plan to stage a self-written piece (by Dr. Dieter Baldo) each year. 

It started very successful with three almost sold-out performances of "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz". The cast in this indulging love story around the opera diva Violetta Antonia Flora (Bettina Kerth) are her friend Louise (Adelheid Theil), helping her out in the graggy love story, and the business man Adriano Romeo Alonso (Salvador Guzmann), who immortally falls in love. Klaus Walz accompanies the aria and duet highlights from opera and operetta at the piano, and director is Dieter Baldo.

The management team Bettina Kerth & Dieter Baldo  works on the next piece "The power of fate. Guiseppe Verdi and Guiseppina Strepponi" planned for next March, and is currently involved in setting up the new team once text and music is finished.